Tuesday, August 26, 2008

you ain't gonna believe it....

....cause i hardly do.

i have a job.

in a theater.

in the costume shop.

makin' stuff.

OMG can you hear the screaming and jumping up and down?

sadly, the commute is going to BITE. but hey, what's a few hours in the car everyday?

it's temp, it's overhire, it's nothing permanent. but it's a foot in the door. YAY!

more details as they become available. and possibly, another big bombshell tomorrow, meeting with a commercial real estate agent...that's all i'm gonna say. stay tuned!

PS. Little House on the Prairie, tha Musical, is....um.....interesting!

PPS she loved the birds!


Mari-Ann said...

Congrats, Bex!! Next time I'm in town we MUST get together and catch up! I miss you! And yes, I will most def. take you up on your free babysitting offer! :)

becca jo said...

sweet! i'm a whiz with kids, esp. little boys! now if i could only figure out how to charm the full-grown ones....hmmm.....