Thursday, May 27, 2010

another day, another dress

dress: super on sale Calvin Klein from macy's. first item of mr. klein's that i have owned. i think it was 80% off. RAWK!
shirt: generic macy's brand shirt but i have it in purple and pink and i loves it.
shoes and earrings: borrowed from my sis.
pins: thrifted from various sources. loves me some bling!
i worked at the church AND the store today. busy day! my summer is going to be fully of days like this: 5-6 hours at the church, 4-5 hours at the store. tomorrow is an all store day. i am going to work on class ideas and sew some more alabama-chanin inspired items to rev up the wardrobe. i'm also window shopping some more dresses..i think it's time to break out the sewing machine and whip up some jersey dresses for myself. we'll see if the heat breaks before or after my ambition.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

SoD and MAX!!!

Max my nephew is finally here! more photos to follow, of course but here's a teaser with big brothers Matthew and Michael. 9 lbs 3 oz. That's a big baby! I won't get to meet him in person for a few more weeks, but he and his momma are doing great!

Today I kept up the summer of dresses with this little number from Lane Bryant. I wore it to a wedding two years ago, and haven't worn it much since. I lost one of the two (removeable) straps, so today I made it into a halter so as not to lose the top. With the cardigan over the top, you can hardly tell! I feel very 50's housewife-y in this dress. It's super, super big on the top so if I lose any more weight this summer, I don't think I can wear this one any more.

I am totally loving the Summer of Dresses, but I'm either gonna have to start sewing or hit the thrifts on Monday to pad my stash!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer of Dresses!!!

Even before I knew about this blog, I was determined to wear more dresses and skirts this year.

Here's my first submission to the Summer of Dresses. I notice that my farmer tanned arms are like two shades darker than my legs. Better break out the fake tan lotion and catch those puppies up!

Dress: Merona (Target brand)
Jean Jacket: Style and Co (Macy's brand)
Boots: Thrifted from the Goodwill

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

farm shots

i have had very little art-making energy lately. instead i've been enjoying the great outdoors. here are some shots to help you understand what i mean.

Monday, May 17, 2010

summer has arrived!

super cute shoes by land's end outlet, amazing landscaping by my parents and a small army of diligent workers.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm back baby!!!

I got the job I so mysteriously hinted at several weeks ago...working in Children's Ministries at my home church. YAY!

It's very similar to the job I held through high school, college summers, and after I got back from Chicago. Nothing like coloring, playing games, and singing songs with elementary kiddos! I love it!

Today was my last day at the major department store. I'm glad they employed me for a time, but I'm also glad to be done. It allowed me to get a YMCA membership, and I've been going before work, after work, and sometimes exercising at home, too! The weight hasn't been coming off as fast but I'm feeling bones emerge where earlier there was only layers of flab. It feels good to have a waist again!