Sunday, July 16, 2006

ten mile stretch on a nine mile line...

well the new necklaces i posted on etsy have disappeared. i suspect they were stolen. but i'm not sure. i'm going to wait 2 more days, and then de-list them and make all new ones. but not with new material. still trying to use up what i have.

i ran into an old babysitter @ the mall today, when i went to get a cookie at mrs. fields. yeah, i know i shouldn't be eating cookies. eff that. those cookies are worth being fat. yum! anyway. her grandparents built the house i grew up in, and she was in my older sister's grade in school. she checked my ID against my check card, recognized my last name, and we started to chat.

funny how the random fact that i used a card instead of cash meant i talked to her, instead of not.

we held a going-away party for my bro, SIL, and wee nephew matthew. i cried when i left. and a couple of more times on the way home. i'm going to miss so much of matthew's life. missouri is not that far away, but, it is.

it got me thinking on the things that i've passed up in my 30 years. and how fast life really does go.

then i went to the book store, and then to mission improbable 3. tom cruise has only 3 front teeth on the top. i'm glad i'm not the only one with a screwed-up grill.

Friday, July 14, 2006

good intentions.....cause injuries

So remember my traffic accident from a few weeks back? I had stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk, which is a state law. The dude behind me did not.
He smashed his truck into my wee car, totaling it. I got a new car, which I like very much (although I REALLY want to paint some flames on it) but now I'm leery of stopping for people at crosswalks. "Sorry!" I shout, as I buzz by.
I went to go get a salad at the local grocery store today, and for unknown reasons they switched the dressing from ladle-your-own, to carafes. Like someone would put on your table, so they didn't have to keep refilling your water glass every 3 minutes. I get a nice healthy salad, all sorts of good veggies and what have you, and go to put a SMIDGEN of bleu cheese dressing on. It comes out in one big glop so I had to go back and add more lettuce and other veggies to it.
I get back to work, start eating it, and INHALED some broccoli florets into my lungs. I started coughing. Then I started gagging. Went to the bathroom, threw up my 4 bites of broccoli. Sweet.

Had the little silver comets in my eyes from coughing and throwing up at the same time. Turns out one of them was actually one of the nasty little millipedes that lives in the bathroom. Ugh. He didn't try to crawl up my leg this time, perhaps he doesn't care for bleu cheese.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Finally! Something New!

I got inspired last night, and instead of cleaning like I should have been doing, I was creating. I stayed up WAY past my bedtime, but I made 6 gorgeous necklaces. One is promised to a charity auction, one is currently on my neck and probably won't be available for sale, but the other four are read-2-goh.

Check them out!