Thursday, August 28, 2008

the fair!!!!!!!!

you lookin' at me? huh?

colleen and i hit the great MN sweat-together, AKA the state fair.
she tried the hotdish on a stick. not a hit.

the horse and sheep barns? mixed success with norah, 2 and a half.

the chicken barn? NO ONE LIKED but me. no photos as we were literally running through to get away from the vicious, crowing death machines. well, that's what my comrades thought.

miracle of birth barn? bit hit with norah, too much noise for ada, 6 months. (no pictures of ada in this camera! what happan?)

the fudge puppy? loved by everyone!!!!!!!!!!

no photos of the cheese curds, we ate them too fast. also no photos of ada's lunch. haha.

the butterfly barn, once again, mixed success. hopefully norah will grow to love butterflies as much as this young lady, but for right now, she was a little freaked out by them.
chocolate covered pecan roll? HUGE HIT with everyone. no photo of the arnie palmer i got ... looks just like any other arnie palmer.
lastly, the kidway. norah loved the rides, wanted to stay and ride as many as she could. but two was the limit. it was nap time. a great day had by all!

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