Tuesday, May 31, 2011

sneezy, goofy, and spock.

our entire family got walloped by a nasty cold this last week and my computer also battled a virus or infection of its own. i seem to have lost a lot of my hard drive. i'm bummed about the photos of early duckies, but what was i going to do with those photos anyhow?

i've been battling through it to finish a bibelot order. the kittens aren't making it easy on me. they love to 'inspect' my work and offer their assistance with the thread, scissors, etc. i'm surprised i haven't snipped off one of their tails let alone a whisker or two.....i hope they grow out of their kitten curiosity...but not too quickly. it's fun to see their crazy antics as i sew beaks onto birdies, talons on to owls, and yes, whiskers onto kittens. can you see how long their whiskers are in these photos? it's absurd. i'm going to enter them in the twin cities beard and mustache competition next year. fer reals.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

workin' on the night moves....

having a dayjob in addition to helping folks with wedding flowers, doing the duckie thing, and teaching means that my day runs from about 7 AM to 11 PM or even midnight. my kittens are modeling good evening productivity followed by intense periods of sleep. their nighttime mania is even more entertaining than their daytime antics.
i am putting out the feelers on finally buying a house. 3 years ago (before i lost my awesome gig at the college) i had been pre-approved for a loan and started even touring homes...but i'm SO thankful that didn't work out because i'd have long defaulted on the mortgage. i feel like the timing is much better now.
but in order to make it happen i need to squeeze extra time to make extra $$ out of my days.
maybe i'll teach kirk and spock how to sew for me while i'm off earning their kitten chow......

Sunday, May 08, 2011

ask...and ye shall find it at a garage sale.....(or fleet farm)

it's a constant struggle to store and display my art supplies in a useful yet pleasing manner. during our road trip, i bought the latest 'where women create' magazine, which my mom calls 'where women store stuff'. it's true, they offer great storage solutions to artist's tendency to hoard. n-e-way....

my boss asked my co-worker if we wanted to hit a neighborhood garage sale to raise funds for some girls to join a traveling soccer team-and lo and behold, i found this spice rack for just a dollar! hollar!!!!

this project would have been impossible without the help of a dishwasher-these jars were NASTY greasy. i should have soaked the caps in something because the rubber gaskets on some still smell a bit 'spicy'. but overall i am quite happy with how this turned out.

i'm also excited about my new gardening boots, found at the 'man's mall' AKA fleet farm. they carry *almost* everything a person or farm animal could ever need, including things NO one needs like circus peanuts. if they carried craft materials, there'd be no reason to shop anywhere else.