Sunday, November 29, 2009

confound you, internets!

the internets seem to be back in working order around this house. for over a week i wasn't able to log into some sites (including this one) or see photos or post them!
so sorry blog! it wasn't my fault!!!!

ok last week i alluded to a present for my's going to be coming later in the week. but i'll give you a sneaky-peeky.....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Santa's Workshop....

...ain't got NUTHIN' on me!
I'm busy crankin' out the creatures for all my upcoming sales and shows (see the sidebar over there for details), these are some of the bigger owls and monsters that I'm bringing to shows. Ornament photos (and a treat for loyal readers) coming later in the week. Whee!!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Party, like it's my birthday....

'cause it was! yippeee!!!

the book party at crafty planet capped off a wonderful week that started with a halloween to remember (see photo and video evidence), and the play @ NWC was mindblowing. the celebrations continue today with my g-ma, up at her place in chisago. the weather here is SO beautiful, i was actually gardening yesterday. so i'm gonna run out and take a walk while i can!

oh and there's no sound on this video. i updated last year's costumes so they could actually see out. they complained so much, i had to come up with a good solution. see-thru plastic mesh from the needlepoint crafting aisle @ michael's fit the bill.