Thursday, August 14, 2008

strange day.....

well, coasting on last night's exciting phone call informing me that i have an interview on monday at the children's theater to work in the costume shop (!!!) i had another almost sleepless night. 4 nights in a row of laying in bed, tossing and turning, flipping and flopping. i think the idea of having to vacate the apartment in less than two weeks, coupled with the total lack of incoming $$ and the fear of being locked up due to not paying taxes* (!!!) is starting to get to me.

anyway. today i treated myself to a morning at border's, where i read about jennifer aniston and john mayer breaking up, getting married, and having a baby, depending on which trashy magazine i was scoping.

i am now at the st. anthony park library, a beautiful old brick building that has been a favorite haunt since i moved to my apartment, 18 months ago. as i was opening the door, the ground near the door seemed to move. upon closer inspection, i noticed a grey striped cat curled up in the door jamb! sweet little guy, apparently he's been camped out on the steps the last week or so. the staff called the shelter just as i was coming in, they are worried about him. he's so sweet, and every little kid that comes by gives him love and he loves them back.

i wish i couls scoop up the little guy and bring him out to live at my parent's farm, but i'm worried that a, he might not get along with all of the three insane cats they already have, and b, that he might have feline leukemia or any one of a hundred awful cat diseases, and c, that he might belong to someone in the neighborhood! he looks pretty well fed, and healthy for the most part, but i would feel awful if he gave something to raja, polly, or gypsy.

well the library patrons and staff are all very protective of him, i hope things go well for him. stray animals break my heart, i have a fear i may end up as a crazy cat lady living in hugo, with a barn full of 300 cats and dogs.
UPDATE: As I was leaving, a kind soul had brought a carrier to take him to the Woodbury Animal shelter. He went right in the carrier and seemed to be very happy. He will be held for 5 days in case anyone claims him, then he'll be up for adoption. Anyone wants a sweet grey kitty, go to the Woodbury Animal Shelter!

raja is going to live with betsy again, hopefully, and not a moment too soon. she has been breaking out of the barn at every opportunity, she even ripped through a window screen to get out! my dad put up some rabbit fencing over the window, and she CHEWED through that, then he put up a portion of the dog's kennel and she bent the wires. hulk-cat.

anyway. i'm loaded up with DVD's, i'm going back to the apartment to work on stuff for my sale on saturday. monday is the interview, and next saturday is THE BIG MOVE DAY. let's hope for some sleep this week.

*screwing up my taxes. again. not exactly, not paying. oy.

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