Tuesday, August 26, 2008


just a few shots of some paper mache birds, similar to ones i made for the holidays about 3 years ago. people went NUTZ for them, and i think these ones are even better quality and shape, etc.

i mostly used wrapping paper from my nephew's birthday party (BOX OF STRING TOO SMALL TO SAVE) and ribbon, trim, and fabric from the giant stash i have in the garage. i still need to give them EYES, but the ones i'm going to use are still at my apartment. so after i lunch with my friend colleen and her daughters, it's back to the apartment to attach said eyes.

they MAY end up at a floral store in south minneapolis. if not, they'll be on my etsy site.

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Mari-Ann said...

Hey Bexa! I found your blog by fishing thru Leigh's! How are you?? You're still as creative as ever I see! Drop me a line sometime (mmwidhalm@yahoo.com) and check out the blog I just started (www.thewidhalmfamily.blogspot.com). Would love to hear from you!