Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

no photos. yet.

had a wild weekend.

'miscast' sold out on friday nite! yay!

on saturday AM, a flock of migrating birds flew over while i was out in the garage getting flowers ready for andrea's wedding. the sky was full of little black birds for about 4 minutes. i had heard some strange, far off noise for about 10 minutes before they came. and when it got closer and closer, i went outside. thousands and thousands of birds flew over. it was kinda like this. i made my parents come out and see it because it was so striking.

andrea's wedding was sublime. photos will follow, i promise.

afterwards, i just came home and slept.

yesterday was a rainy windy day. went to the witthaus's open haus and then barnes and nobles.

i have been in a bit of a funk, reinforced by a job i wanted falling through. sigh. the job hunt continues.

cookin' up some nice mexican inspired chicken for lunch, then back out to the studio to work on animals for clapperclaw and the artscraps show.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


from yes we carve. hahaha! love it!


i heard an interview with neil gaiman yesterday on NPR, he talked about this new book and a little bit about coraline.
i can't wait for this movie! i'm gonna have to read the book......

Saturday, October 18, 2008

did i forget to tell you?

my hat pattern got accepted to the one-yard wonders book!


supa dupa exciting! more information, such as publishing date, as it becomes available, i promise!

my sister has this particular hat in her collection now, sara has one and my mom has another. i am sure i will make a few more during the beta-testing phase. look for more photos soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


the shows i had last weekend were BANANAS. i've watched a marathon of the rachel zoe project. and one of project runway. project duckie uglings is going well. i am trying to treat it like a job. a job where i get to watch reality TV as i work. regardless.

here's a sneak preview of what i have coming up for winter's ornaments. reindeer and polar bears! they are made from felt, sequins, jingle bells, and other holiday trimmings. i will add some to my etsy site, shortly. like, within a few days. i promise!

i have about a million shows coming up this winter, YAY, and i will be bringing new animals and ornaments to each store i'm currently in. drop me a line if you're interested in finding out more!

Monday, October 06, 2008

the best laid plans.....

well life doesn't always go your way, does it kids?

i got fired from the job. meh.

i dropped my cell phone in the toilet. $160 for a new phone. great.

i sent off a 5 lb box to california. whee! i hope a lot of it sells.

i'm trying to work in the basement on all my stuff, whilst the construction guys put in a new egress window. interesting! my mom is my sous-crafter. it's going pretty well.

photos soon, i promise. my camera is coming on wednesday, along with my brother and his family! yay! first visit to MN for baby michael!