Friday, August 01, 2008

the life of the retire-ee

i enjoy telling folks that i'm retired, not unemployed. it makes the truth a little easier to bear.

i have been cleaning and organizing my apartment for what feels like an eternity. they are showing the place at 3 today so my goal is to 'job search' for a few more minutes, and then head home and go whirling dervish on the place.

wish me luck.

i went to the duffy concert at first ave with jason last night. great show, but we were in the VIP room, which is a walled-off spot just above the stage. the sound comes in through the door, then mixes with all the folks milling about who take the opportunity to talk as loudly as possible, just because they have some glass between them and the rest of first ave.

i bet those are the same folks who talk during movies.

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