Sunday, August 17, 2008

summa summa summa time

a wild weekend was had by all. i am exhausted.

surprise tickets to glamorama at macy's, saw MC Hamma and Cyndi Lauper do their thing. party afterwards had free booze (didn't partake) and free food (did).

sale on saturday was a bomb. i made only $12 profit but i met some great artists. it was way too hot. i only sold things to friends but hey, that's OK.

after that, schommer drove me and jen to a 25 year class reunion in west central wisconsin, where he did 1 hour of hilarious standup. but the best part, was that jen pretended to be a long-lost classmate and convinced about 10 people she was one of their own. ha! she's 30, and a stand-up comedian like jason. i guess she and her friends crash weddings all the time, so this was like a dream come true for her, she said.

hi-fricken larious.

read jason's blog for the lowdown and photos.

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