Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another day, another monkey (or two, or three)

Well I already sold this little girl to my boss, but I plan to make a few sisters tonight.

And here's Leroy the Lemur, he's available through

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

another day, another salad

saw my cousins off to the airport last night, but first we stopped by chino latino. I had a few pieces of sushi, a few chips (with not-diet friendly dip) and 1/3 of a plaintain crusted chicken breast with rice, sauteed veggies, and passionfruit sauce. it was to. die. for. delish.

went to check out the place where i'll be art-fairing this weekend, and then hit the bookstore. it's weird to sit at the bookstore without coffee and a sweet by my side, but i'm sure i will get used to it. bought 'horton hears a who' so i can do the research for my meeting in three hours.

stopped at the grocery store this AM and made a nice breakfast salad, i'd take a photo but i've already eaten it. no fat-free dressing at this grocery store so i just used a TEENSY amount of regular. it worked just fine.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

turning a new leaf, again

i had just established healthy eating and exercise habits when i got lazy.

i need to keep the mental picture in my head, of me standing in my own store, happy, healthy, and thin(ner).

this giant salad is the first stepping stone on the path to that goal.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

thunder, lightening

woke up last night to LOUD thunder and bright lightening. turns out a huge storm came through the cities, dumped a lot of rain (which we needed) but it turned the neighborhood just north and west of me into a mulch-pit. HUGE trees and branches are lying in the street, all the business are closed and the stoplights aren't working, and those poor folks will not have fans or A/C on a day that's supposed to reach 90. yikes.

i'm busy cleaning my apartment and car to get ready for my california cousins to visit, but i needed a quick break for coffee. my 'usual' place had no power, so i had to come back down to the one that's within walking distance, but always too busy. luckily, the computers were free!

last time i was here, there was a guy reading about metaphysics on wikipedia, and muttering to himself. it was quite entertaining.

Friday, August 10, 2007

homo bulla est

reminded again today,
life is short

man is a bubble

trapped under a mountain, a river, a bridge
or laying on the sidewalk
sadly death will find us all

knowing one day, that clock will catch up to me
makes me want to live up the little moments
change direction, better myself

being reminded, it can happen.....instantly
could scare me enough to trap me inside
the apartment i hate to waste time cleaning

i've got to start making a mark on this world

knowing i'll leave behind goodness, art, and love

loving nephew, cousins, friends,

i suppose that's enough

life on the bubble

a rainbow, then....


Thursday, August 09, 2007

garage sale

helpin' my folks with their massive garage sale today. didn't make any art yesterday.

just about to leave the wilds of hugo to head back to the wilds of st. paul, to shower, nap, create, play some poker, hang out with a friend or two, eat, and clean....not neccessarily in that order.

hopefully, will post some new stuff tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

closeup of 'the shape of my heart'

busy nite last nite!

had a bite with a good friend at the birchwood cafe. where i also stopped for breakfast yesterday. we had gotten our wires crossed, and he thought i was going to pick him up. so i called his landline (how can you not have a cell phone these days?) and sure enough, he was waiting for me.

anywhoozle. once he got there, we had a lovely, laugh filled dinner. i'm going to miss him when he moves to beantown.

after dinner, i went home to shower and make a few quick thingamajigs. here's a quick painting/collage that i did, called 'the shape of my heart'.
it's a matte that i picked up at artscraps, then i collaged the background of a piece of rag paper also from artscraps, using newsprint and tissue paper. layered an old piece of map paper from paper source, some thai paper from who knows where, some sparkely gold paper from sample books my mom gave me, and some rhinestones (on the crown). Threw some paint spots down over it. then I made the lower piece, using the same stuff, and a paint chip, stamp, and sheer ribbon that had been accidentally overdyed.
went back in with a pen to give a little more definition to the wings.
i also encased a rabbit in one of the eggs from two days ago. it worked just great. look for some egg-bunnies soon, well, maybe in like a week. i'm pretty freakin' busy with other stuff right now, and my cousins are coming to town this weekend. yayy!!!
then i went to a fringe show. i'll say this about it. i'm glad it was only 28 minutes long.
came home, touched up the paint, and went to bed.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oh, and my cute-arse kitty

Bein' cute. She loves to chew paper, so she's in heaven right now , as it's pretty much everywhere in the apartment.

Paper Flurry

Jeeze I've been a busy girl these past few days. Here's my table, you can see the buns in the upper left corner. I'd had an idea of putting wee birds and other creatures into paper mache eggs, a while back, and just got around to trying it last night.

First came the hunt for an egg-shaped object/objects to use as molds. After several failed attempts to make them out of plastic bags and crumpled newspaper, and a wild idea to use a potato, I settled on two wooden half-eggs taped together. I also found a few cups and pressed-glass bowls to make larger paper mache pieces which will be nests.

I love the paper mache paste mix-it's so easy and CHEAP. Microwave a glass of water for about a minute, add 2 T of corn starch, and then microwave at 15 second intervals, stirring between each session, until the mixture is the consistency of yogurt. It thickens as it cools, I usually end up adding a few more drops of water to it as well. Sometimes I mix in lavendar oil as well.

I used torn strips of the local free newspaper, and The Onion, which made for some fun reading as I worked. The molds were just perfect for the length of strips I had torn. On the first layers I used a lot of corn starch glue and on the upper layers, not so much. Didn't use a brush until I got to the decorative layers of tissue paper. My hands have a nice blue-green cast today!

Anyway. I molded them, let them sit for 10 minutes while I molded the next one, and then peeled them out or cut them off, and set them to dry on a muffin tin's backside (DIRTY!). 10 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees, and they were ready for a layer of tissue paper. I did re-inforce a couple of the early ones with another layer of newsprint. I added ribbons to the eggs, my plan is once they're totally dry, to encase the wee animals and cover one more layer of tissue paper around the ribbon, so you'll pull the ribbon to release the animal.

I think I need to find a larger egg mold, the wood one worked great but it was just a bit too small. The animals are going to be SMOOSHED in there!

Lastly, as I was going to bed, I decided to cover my journal with a new cover. I used tissue, stuff from the newspaper, a vintage French postage stamp, a snippet of iron-on lettering my mom had made for me a billion years ago when I was in dance (hence, no middle name), and a flower cut from the lace that was in my sister's wedding gown. I wasn't sure it was going to stick with just the corn-starch paste, so I covered it with a few layers of tissue as well.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Just a quick little photomontage of a new bun, and a photo I took last year of a lotus from the rain garden at the Como Zoo.

More tomorrow, I'm going home and sewing up a bunch more buns tonight!

Work from the weekend

Alrighty well I'm going to try to get a personal blog going again. Wish me luck.
I won a considerable amount of cash again at poker, so I went and bought some canvasses at Michaels as well as a book on artful blogging, and the DVD for 300. I basically then just holed myself up in my house (barring the trip to the Uptown Art Fair with my folks) and worked.
Here are two wee rabbits, with painted-lace wings and embroidered faces. They are about 3 inches tall, made from recycled sweaters.

They'll be going to I Like You on Wednesday, along with a few other small stuffies.

Here's the detail from a collage/painting that I did. The bird's wings and bodies were made with bleach-painted construction paper, I used a scrap that was lace-printed for their beaks and legs, and the 'nest' is part of a vintage photo-holder that I got from my gram.

I'm not 100% happy with it yet, but it's getting there. I'm thinking I'll add real branches to the bottom where they're painted, right now, which you can't see in this photo.

Lastly, here's a collage/painting, once again, in a vintage frame. Still needs a title, I'm thinking,
"Muffy the Explorer. Got off the couch, did great things"