Wednesday, March 26, 2008

awesome. that is all

from . directed to it from icanhascheezburger

Monday, March 24, 2008

for keeps

sometimes i make something in the duckie uglings line that's just so darn cute, i can't bear to part with it. this is a problem when i'm trying to a. make money at this and b. downsize my apartment. but i always have a few favorite animals around to inspire and encourage me.

i'm not saying that it's easy to party with everything i make-their personalities start to come out and sometimes it's even hard to sew on them-they start to come alive and i worry that i'm hurting them. HA!

here are two recent animals that are just gonna be too hard to send off in the mail. often times these keepers end up going to family members or friends, so i can still visit them on occasion!

about a month ago, i made the cardinal. there's just something about his face or that magical lace, i just don't know.

kazi is named after my godmother's siamese cat, she had a sister named kama that i never remembered, but kazi lived to be like 23 or something. she was an awesome cat!

for now, these two are stayin' with me.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Birdies

Just posted a bunch of the new birds I've been working on, over at my Etsy store.

I'm very proud of them! They are taking on a much more regular, recognizable look.

I was watching a lot of Cirque du Soleil DVDs as I worked on them, can you tell?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

catching up

chicago was lovely, as always. my sister is blissfully happy, and in lurve with a gentle, amazing man. lucky!

yesterday was an awesome day. stayed home from work and made birds all day. then at night, i got to go to the BON JOVI concert, thanks to jason. man, i couldn't ask for a better best friend!

spring has arrived in MN. the thorn trees outside my building at work are full of chirping birdies. as i walk by them, i do a little trick i taught myself when i used to frequent pet stores, wishing i could own a chickadee of my own.

i 'click' at them with my tongue. back of the mouth, curl up the lip. know what i mean?

anyway. i click at them for maybe 3 or 4 seconds, and they INSTANTLY quiet down. i'm sure i'm swearing at them in their language, who knows. anyway. instantly the cacophony dies down, and they are silent. then in about 8 seconds, it's started up again. it's magical. it never fails to make me smile, that for a few minutes anyway, i'm speaking the language of the birds.

i'll try to get video of it so you can see what i mean.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

bye bye birdie

This little Eggling is on his way to a new home! Two more remain, and I hope to add a few more when I get back from Chicago next week.
I'm taking the others (that didn't photograph well, but were super cute) to a store/gallery that might pick up some Duckies too. Exciting! And then on Friday, I leave for the Windy City!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

arching my spine

once i had finally made up my mind to be a teacher, the universe started offering me other alternatives.

things that had probably always been floating around, but now, that i had chosen another path, they have landed at my feet and started to peck at my toes.

more people seem to be interested in my animals and art, which is absolutely amazing. and due to the bad economy, more storefronts than ever are vacant. i have to remind myself, they are vacant for a reason-and that starting my own store is probably not the best idea.

but sitting at B&N with my friend andrea, planning her wedding flowers, made me realize how much i truly do love art, design, and construction. how can i give that up?

i'm having second, third, and fourth thoughts about choosing to teach. high school. english.

and i'm stuck between hair lengths right now. this photo was taken like a month and a half ago-my hair is now past my chin. i hate this two-month period or so where i have to decide. should it stay or should it go?