Thursday, August 28, 2008

in the doorway...

had an awesome dinner with rachel, sara, and maren last night. look at their blogs for their sides of the story and photos-i have known them all my entire life, it's so great to have lifelong friends like that!

when i woke up this AM, a hummingbird was hovering outside my window getting nectar out of the holly hocks. so cool to see that first thing in the morning!

when i got home, this is what i found in the stairwell leading down to my bedroom. we had a huge thunderstorm last night, i think they found their way down there during the early hours.
two frogs, and two salamanders.

armed with a bucket and a shovel, i freed them from their concrete prison. i hope they make it!

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julie haymaker Thompson said...

thanks for rescuing them!!! Hugs Julie