Tuesday, August 05, 2008

barren landscape of jobbiness

oy. the job search continues, fruitless as a fig tree at mcmurdo station.
strangely, they have several job listings on craigslist for antarctica. maybe i should check it out. i wonder if they have coffee shops down there yet. maybe i should open one! all drinks iced at no extra charge. badum, CHA!

that reminds me, i heard from an ex-barista about a guy who came in to his store once and ordered a 'tai chi' instead of 'chai tea'. he tried to correct the guy, but the dude didn't listen and the next 50 times he came in, he still asked for a tai chi. later that same night, i saw a vanity plate that read, 'TAI CHI". how weird is that? pretty weird.

anyway. back to today.

i submitted a hat pattern (similar to the one i'm wearing up there) for one-yard-wonders and dropped it off at crafty planet. love that freaking place. walked around the neighborhood, johnson street is hopping! there's a lovely old abandoned theater building. wouldn't it be great to open my very own performance/art space in the thriving northeast community? wouldn't it be great to be hit with a meteor made of million dollar bills?

loafed at b&n for a few hours, and then went to borealis yarn to cash in my birthday gift from my cousin ing-marie. got two skeins of recycled silk sari yarn. don't know what i'm going to do with it, but hey, has that ever stopped me before?

all in all, a pretty freaking awesome day to be retired.

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