Saturday, June 28, 2008

make it last............

i'm 2/3rds of the way done with my sewing job @ the G, and apart from a trip over the 4th to see my nephews and my sister's wedding at the end of the month, i have no other commitments for the month of july.

it's scary and exciting at the same time. i know that i NEED a job, but not having anything apart from writing and crafting is kind of special!

gotta make a decision on housing very soon. having a job makes physical location choice easier, and the application process smoother. how can you convince a landlord to let you rent when you have no steady income?


today should be interesting. my sister and i are going thrifting and shopping for her upcoming wedding (we are sewing little gift bags for all the attendees), then to the RuPaul/Village People concert tonight. before that, i'm seeing a show at the bryant lake bowl and she's going to sell glo-sticks to the pride attendees. she thinks she's gonna make millions. good luck!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

big schnozzes

two new animals are listed on my etsy site, using some safety eyes and noses i picked up a while back at artscraps. i love their huge noses!

that's rufus the hot dog over there. hi rufus!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

first summer morning

i stayed out in hugo instead of driving home last night. what a gorgeous site to wake up to. the birds chattering, the dragonflies waking up....magical.

my back is killin' from the garden work yesterday. should be fun when i show up to work tomorrow hobbling. they will be tearing down 'a midsummer night's dream', which i didn't get to see this time, but it's the same designers and director as when i worked on the show in 2000 in chicago. i hope to snap up some crazy piece of mirror-covered scenery to use in the labyrinth!

going out to walk it with my coffee, then off to the farmer's market and back to my messy, messy apartment. got to finish up and list some jewelry.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Labyrinth 2.0 is finished!

my mom and dad and i tackled the redesign and it worked out just duckie!

we also took a quick canoe ride that ended with me getting completely soaked due to a malfunctioning motor and a quickly executed turn that sent a cascade of water over the edge of the boat. nothing like a canoe full of pond water at 8 PM in the evening!


so it's a lovely first-day-of-summer day, i'm enjoying the little birds at my parents' feeders and hoping they don't smack into the glass as i watch! i'm about to gather up some flowers to take back to town with me in my little red car. it's hot rod weekend in st. paul and i feel kind of sad about my dumpy little corolla. maybe i'll art it up with a decal or something fun. who knows.

so i got up at my new 'normal' time, 6 AM, even though I stayed up too late working on a new bracelet last night (photos later, if i finish it!). inspiration struck and i made a mer-dog for my friend sara's baby brynn. we met up at the farmer's market, and brynn started lovin' on the mer-dog right away. success!

came out and toured my parents' amazingly lovely gardens, and chatted with a few of their high school aged workers. they have a small army of landscapers/former students that have been instrumental in turning this place into eden.

we just got back from a picnic at my gram's care center, mom and dad are napping quick before we go out to try to tackle the re-make of the labyrinth. it got too overgrown with weeds, you can't see the lines at all. we're going to 'rock' the lines. hopefully my dad can still mow over them.

they have the most lovely fat bumblebees in the purple sage right outside their back windows. i wish i could have one as a pet.

just a quickie....

have to post a picture from my parent's gorgeous farm. more later

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

been a busy sewer...

i have been conscious to try and make new uglings out of the scraps i picked up off my floor, instead of cutting into whole sweaters. it is amazing how many finger puppets and whole birds i have gotten out of these scraps!

here is just a handful (er, rather, two handfuls) of birds. i dropped about 20 finger puppets off at i like you, and have given a few others away.

i'm going to try to make a few of these into a mobile. wish me luck!

oooh baby baby!

pic of michael thomas, my newest nephew!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


after work on thursday, romantica is playin' a free live show downtown mpls.

i hope they break this out!

Michael is here!

I have a new baby nephew, no pictures to post yet, but I just got to view him on webcam and hear his older brother, Matthew, sing rock-a-bye baby to him. SOOOOO sweet!
He was born on Friday nite, and weighed 8 lbs 11 oz. Big baby!

Spring is amazing here in Minnesota, especially out at my parent's farm where I am doing my gram's laundry and stuff. Everything is green or blooming. Absolutely amazing.

I start a new job tomorrow at a place I've been trying to get hired for years. I'll be sewing curtains for the Guthrie's production of Little House on the Prairie, THE MUSICAL. I'm so excited, I don't know if I'll be able to sleep.

WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New blog crush

Check out Meet me at Mike's!

What a cool store!

Been happy with my recent sales, and hopefully have some big news on the horizon!