Monday, February 02, 2009

What a week!

Well sorry I haven't been blogging this past week, I will give you a quick recap of all the awesomeness, and sorry if I leave some things out.

*Got the heater blower motor fixed in the car, left Hugo on Wednesday AM to come back down to the house-sitting-house.

*Got hooked on Lexulous and Twirl on facebook, but realize I freeze when the answers aren't immediately apparent! I need to work on that...

*Had lovely breakfast with Sara, Nick, and Brynn, and also got those COOKIES! I won't show you how many are left, 24 hours after getting them, because they are all in my tummy. even the box is adorable.

*Rehearsed for the upcoming sketch show, twice, and wrote a few more sketches. I hope they make it into the show but I won't be crushed if they don't. More details when we get closer to the date, I promise

*Had coffee with my friend Heather the teacher, she is trying to get me set up as a visiting artist in her school to do a few murals! Yay!

*Went out for an amazingly delicious dinner at Bellanotte in Mpls. Jason had gift certificates so I paid like $20 for a 4 course meal plus drink. so. freaking. good. OOOH!

*Have been to the bookstore down the street so many times they must think I live there. LOVE IT!

*Made a smattering of animals, though I forgot all my thread and needles up in Hugo so I had to buy some *new* stuff at artscraps. listing half on etsy, and taking half to benevolent acorn tomorrow.

*watched the super bowl by myself, and the puppy bowl, and the office, afterwards. i wished there was someone i could make snarky comments to, but alas, i just made them to myself.

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