Monday, January 26, 2009


eep! the blower motor in my car's heating system finally died! the past few days i had to drive over a bump to get the thing to start working, but this AM it just wouldn't go on no matter how many potholes i purposely hit. thanks st. paul for not fixing your roads!

so $250 is gonna be the damage, OOSH. i am stranded in hugo, i'm going to go out and actually do some studio work! yay! i picked up a bunch of cute organizey things from michael's with my gift cert from chip and julie, so i'm gonna put them to work! i also got new gel pens and stuff to make a black-n-white page sketchbook, but i left it out in highland where i'm house sitting.

maybe i will post some new animals if i can get them done tonite! the owls have been VERY popular, and i have had some valentine's requests as well.

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