Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines and other indoor activities

Inappropriate Laughter opened Thursday nite. It went relatively well, if you don't count the fact that the CD I burned for the music and sound cues didn't work and I had to run back to the highland house to pick up my laptop. The round trip from the BLB and back took about an hour. So instead of running lines or relaxing I was stuck in traffic.
But earlier in the day, we had gotten the extremely good news that my dad's friend's cancer surgery was a success, no spread of the cancer and they are sure they got it all. So I just kept the attitude that 'you know what, this is not a huge disaster, there are much bigger fish to fry' and it kept me calm and sane as I waited for each light on Lake Street to turn green.....

Later that night, Chip and Julie and the boys arrived at Hugo just as I did. I was awoken Friday AM by my cherubic little nephew Matthew, we proceeded to play with his little brother Michael, make cookies, get ready for Betsy and David to arrive, and prepare for my gram's 90th Birthday Party on Saturday! David wrote her a song, which made all the women present cry! And my Uncle Jim came in from CA to celebrate too. We had a great dinner and about 4 different kinds of deserts. My gram was really honored to have us all there, and I know it was a big effort for all the out of town folks to come. What a great way to spend Valentines, although I am sick of spending it as a single. ha!

More playing with the boys yesterday (when you ask Matthew a question he doesn't know the answer to, he says either "me no know" or "i got it for my birthday" which is adorable), then they left around 12. I took a nice long nap, then hung out with Betsy and David in the afternoon and ate way too many delish cookies.
Took a nice long walk with Betsy and David this AM out in the wetlands behind the house, loafed around by myself after they left, and now have returned to the House Sitting House to find my sourdough starter boiling like a 4th Grade Science Fair volcano! I've mixed up a loaf (I hope!) and it's sitting out to rise for the first time. Tomorrow at this time, I will hopefully be baking my first two sourdough loafs! I will report on their taste if they are edible.

Hopefully going to see CORALINE again this evening....and tomorrow....I swear....I'm gonna make some new animals. Just gotta recover from the weekend, first.


Mari-Ann said...

I love your life, so creative and relaxing! I am jealous of your long naps and delicious cookies!! And your parents farm sounds like such a haven.

becca jo said...

ha! thank you my dear!
well i would live in bermuda any day of the week! let's get all 'freaky friday' up in here and switch for a week, shall we?

Jen Sannes said...

Hey Bex - your nephews are too cute! I'm glad to hear that the birthday celebrations were such a success. Take a nap for me, kay? :)