Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life on the Rollercoaster...

I had a great weekend. Run, don't walk, to your closest 3-D theater to see CORALINE.
Or just spend hours on the amazing website. Oh how I wish I had been born a stop-motion animator.....
So my car wouldn't start yesterday AM. Turns out the distributor cap and spark plugs and wires went bad. Boo. So Jyk picked me up, we went walking @ HarMar, then I came back to deal with the car mess. Did some prep work with Jason for Inappropriate Laughter (our sketch comedy show which opens Thursday at the BLB, stop by if you like sketch comedy!) with music and sound effects, etc.
Today, Jyk picked me up again and we went to the Como Conservatory to walk, which was more like an amble. I am going to be doing wedding flowers for a friend who is getting married at the Conservatory this fall, so it was also kind of a scouting mission! We walked around in the humid air, visited the monkeys and big cats, the lovely Koi, and learn about bonsai. Jyk of course wanted to get a new bonsai so we went to Linder's where he got some seeds. In about 4 years he'll have a super awesome bonsai grown from scratch. We'll see.
After Jyk dropped me off at the repair shop, I took myself to the bookstore. I perused several garden and craft magazines, and read this amazing book cover-to cover (ok I skimmed the music chapter, I have to admit) and now I have a new blog addiction too ;) . It is well worth checking out from your local library, this girl shares her triumphs and failures as she attempts to take responsibility for her place in the food chain.
My dad is talking about us getting chickens this year on the farm, and although I won't be there while they're tiny tiny tiny chicks, I am SO excited at this prospect. His mom always had chickens and it made trips to my gramma M's so much fun.....she made a lot of food for herself, from canning to baking....
Along that front, here's my sourdough starter sitting on the countertop @ the house sitting house. I've never tried this before but I've read about doing it in several magazines lately and I've decided to give it a go. I may just end up with wallpaper paste though, we'll see. Sorry for the sidewise photo, there's not much to see anyway. Just a jar full of flour and water. Stay tuned for the magic of fermentation!

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Mari-Ann said...

Sounds like a busy week Bex!

What's a farm w/o chickens? I think it would be a hoot to see them clucking around!

Oh and now I'm in love with a new blog too, son! I'll have to look around down here for her book, too!