Friday, February 20, 2009

Second Batches....

I made two loaves of bread from the wild yeast starter that I made last week. Typical, I was impatient and didn't knead it enough or let it rise high enough. It tasted delish but was a little...well...thick.

The second loaf was a little higher, because it was a larger portion to begin with. But I learned some valuable lessons off my first attempt.

The second attempt is bubbling away on the countertop as I type, I've fed it a little new flour, some filtered water, and some honey. I'm going to amp up the garlic factor in this one with some real actual garlic instead of just garlic salt, so I hope that helps cut the sourness.

In other exciting food news, I got a stovetop espresso maker at Barnes and Noble for like 75% off. They were practically paying me to take it! I made a pot of it the other day up in Hugo, the instructions said to throw out the first batch but my dad was like let's try it, and....OOOF. Tasted like a factory floor. The second batch was much better!

And the second round of Inappropriate Laughter was last nite, it went...well..unevenly! They laughed at new spots and didn't laugh at old spots. Comedy is hard, man!

I have been laid up with a cold all week, it finally broke yesterday morning but it caused a lot of sleepless nights. Ugh. I still don't understand why we have to get colds! We've put a man on the moon, can't we solve the common cold!?!?!?

I'm felting up some sweaters I got at the GW today, they are going into a dog and an owl for some high school FB friends' kids! Whoo hoo!

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julie haymaker thompson said...

Love the use of those little noses!!!!! and Hey Sweets.. when I get 2 more " I want to Play's" the game will be a foot!!!! Thanks for joining in! Hugs Julie