Friday, February 27, 2009

photos. not so great. but it's 10 on a friday. what do you want?

lil grey dog. one foot is lilac like her eye patch.

i have spent a few nights on the couch sewing. my days are spent over at the new I Like You space helping them spruce it up, put up shelves, mosaicing the bathroom floor, things of that nature.
not feeling like taking the time to set up beautiful, artful, well lit shots of my new animals. so here are some crap-dash photos for you to enjoy. *real* photos coming soon. i promise.

stitchy little owls. grey wool felt with strange brownish woven fabric i got from a friend, and brownish tweed that i think was a jacket at some point. they both feature reverse applique. i sewed the heart-shaped patch on to the reverse of the fabric, then cut out the face and reinforced it with decorative stitching. me likey.


Turnip head said...

Wow they are just adorable!!!!!!!!!

Toot Sweets said...

So so so so cute! I want the dog! Did you make that for someone in particular? SO adorable!

becca jo said...

the pooch is unclaimed as of yet. you want it? i can totally send it to you!