Monday, January 05, 2009

the tidal wave

started my new overhire job @ the G today, and got word it will last several weeks instead of just a few days. i get to shop on someone else's dime! how cool is that?

miscast 2 is humming along, the songs are bigger, the actors are so enthusiastic, and the staging and choreography are even better than last time (if i do say so myself!) but i'm freaking out over having to teach myself the light board and writing all the cues myself, not to mention gelling all the lights, focusing them, etc. AND getting the props, costumes, postcards, programs, and set done too. all while starting this new job.

and! i start house sitting tomorrow in highland park! am i packed, NO of course not! who needs sleep, right?

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Life with the Nephew's said...

Hey Becca, Happy New Year... haven't talked to you in awhile. Stop over some night while in Highland Park... I've got your Christmas treats waiting for you in the freezer.