Sunday, January 25, 2009

feelin better!

i seem to have mostly gotten over the funk.
i am still going to brekkie with the folks, but then i forgot about a reunion committee planning meeting i'm going to! whoops!
still no crafting time in the near future, but i did go see Underworld:Rise of the Lycans (meh) and have been doing a lot of reading lately-i went to b&n twice yesterday and then to the half-price bookstore right up the street from that. i bought two magazines and three books (one for my sister), of which i read all of them yesterday.

Water for Elephants was good...but i wouldn't say i LOVED it. i DID love Middlesex, the last book i read, and so maybe i'm ruined for other fiction now after that one. anyway. i thought it got a little skimpy during the love portion of the book, and some of the character's relationships seemed a ridiculous (even by 1930's standards) but i did really enjoy the day-to-day circus stuff, and the photos that began the circus chapters. who doesn't love the idea of running off to join the circus? the flash back/forward structure was also very effective, several times i squeezed out a tear or two as i thought of my own grandmother who is the same age as the protaganist of the book.

anyway. i literally couldn't put it down, and started the book at 5 PM, took a dinner and chat break, and then finished it by 1 AM. that's my favorite way to read a book, is pretty much straight through.

it really reminded me of Carnivale, except they didn't have animals in that circus.

i have always had a strange guilt attraction and repulsion with the circus, even as a small kid. maybe it was the fear of clowns, or the awe of the animals who clearly were in distress....i dunno. i love the idea of a circus i guess, just not the reality of one.

but miss L (my high school english teacher) would be very upset with me as i completely missed the biblical references in the book. sheesh! she had us trained like russian bears to recognize those in every thing we read, right down to the back of a ketchup packet. i must be slipping in my old age.


Jessica said...

Sex, death and Christ, baby. The hallmarks of any good fiction.

Have you read "Geek Love"? It's about a circus family... in the same way "One Flew" is about an asylum. Anyway, "Geek Love" is insane and disturbing and gorgeous. I loved it.

becca jo said...

hahaha i know, right?

i will have to check it out. Geek Love you say, is it a how-to book? ;)

Jessica said...

Oh dear Lord no. It's more of a how-not-to, with a helping of morbid fascination and a side of guilt.

Leigh said...

Your bit about Miss L made me laugh out loud. I am now actually opposed to finding the deeper meaning in books. But I do still look for people with the initials JC all the time.