Wednesday, January 14, 2009

send in the crows!

so lately, i have been seeing packs of crows hanging out in the trees. it's a bit unnerving to come upon this pack of black, SCREAMING, sinister looking birds but it's happened almost every day while i've been house sitting in highland park or working in minneapolis.and it's like, FREEZING cold out there, -20 air temp with wind! so i don't know if they are hanging out in packs to conserve energy or what. but they seem to gather right before sundown and perch in the trees. anyone else ever seen this kind of crow action? it's AWESOME and freaky at the same time....

i grew up with crows all around my grandma's farm, but she called them grackles. i have always wanted my very own pet crow, probably because of a roommate who was obsessed with brandon lee, and her subsequent watching of THE CROW like about a billion times....

here is what i encountered in downtown minneapolis. i actually stopped the car and took video, i'm sure the folks driving by and waiting for the bus thought i was a nutter. i really wish my camera had sound, these hundreds of birds were ALL calling to each other. they were roosting in 3-4 HUGE trees next to a church on one side of the street, and in about 10 trees ringing a park on the other side of the street.

anyway. i love that crows are always listed as the smartest of the birds, so smart in fact that they have actually shown tool making abilities! maybe aesop wasn't crazy after all!

duckie, of duckie uglings fame, is actually a crow. i have enjoyed creating crows more than any other animal in my storied history of stuffed animal making. i think in honor of these guys, its time to make a few more!

PS betsy's arm surgery went very well! i didn't get to talk to her today, i'm sure she's pretty drugged up still. i will call her tomorrow to get the details, and see how she feels about now being a cyborg!

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