Saturday, November 15, 2008

More purple

well Rudi and Judi (below) are off to Alaska, I think I have a fan up there! the same buyer got three owls last week, so that's a good feeling! people are responding to what i am doing with this different style of animal, both at sales and online. i gotta step it up though if i want to keep myself in the lifestyle to which i've become accustomed.

the Vanderbei maps are out, and here is the election result one, coded with 100% dem in blue, 100% repub in red, and counties coded by the intensity of that vote. Wow. What a beautiful country we live in. Purple mountains majesty indeed!

also intersting is the loss/gain map, which can be found on the same link. we've got a lot of work to maintain positive progress for these folks to want to continue to come to the light side of the force. hahaha

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