Saturday, November 01, 2008


some underbite molar monkeys (thanks tim for the name and jyk for the awesome cutting job!) , check them out at clapperclaw next saturday!

batman was too late to rescue quint from JAWS.

and the winners of the costume contest........made by yours truly and worn by jyk and witthaus. they rehearsed their shtick for HOURS. it was hilarious.

my costume was airship captain, which i made in about 3 hours. will take photos today. i wasn't 100% happy with it but it was fun to try. maybe next year it'll be better. anywhoo.

the drive home last night sucked. i hit a cat. there was a cop at the other part of the intersection who tried to put the poor guy out of his misery but he crawled away. i felt so awful. i still do. i can only hope he is at peace. ugh.


Mari-Ann said...

Are those the "yep yep" guys from Sesame Street? Excellent! Nice job on the costumes!

Sorry to hear about the kitty though... agh.

becca jo said...

yes they are. they were HILARIOUS but really warm. they kinda looked like fuzzy burkas with eyes.

my dad said it was probably a feral cat. this thing was HUGE like at first i thought it was a dog it was that big. ugh. i still feel sick to my stomach thinking about it.

The Russian Thiele said...

Do you have any video of the shtick? I bet it was hilarious. The monkeys are cute too, wish I could go to the show but I will be in Vegas.

becca jo said...

well i did have video but it was so dark you couldn't make out what was going on.

i have several other shows this winter so don't worry! have a great time in vegas!