Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Gonna turn 33 in just a few days. My Jesus year is about to begin, which already includes being published in an upcoming book and trying to make a go of it as a full-time artiste. Eep!

Anyway, as for the birth-day itself, I have several plans including getting enough rest for ClapperClaw the next day! Good thing it doesn't start until late so I can sleep in! I dropped off the art for Sunday's opening at Art Start, and the good ladies went crazy over it. It's always fun to hear reactions to my work from fans!

I already got a pretty awesome early gift, a new president :) but what I'd really love from anyone reading the blog, is to donate time to your local favorite older person. Rake their leaves, bring them a home-baked treat, whatever. I will spend a big chunk of the day with my only remaining grandparent, as I try to do on a weekly basis, because she is not only a funny, amazing woman, but because I want to get as much time in with her as I can before she's gone.

The story about Frank Sinatra's daughter not going to the hospital to be with her dad so she could watch the ending of Seinfeld (which in my opinion wasn't that great anyway) has always stuck with me. It might be an urban legend, but every time I think to myself I'd rather do a instead of b, I wonder if I'd regret the decision to do 'a' if I knew that it'd be the last time I'd get the chance to do 'b'.

Anyway. Spend time with an older neighbor, relative, or friend this weekend and think of your good friend Becca, OK?!? Happy Birthday to me!

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Mari-Ann said...

Happy Birthday in advance, old friend! (he he) I never knew that story about the Sinatra's. Sad. While I LOVE Seinfeld in general, their final episode was awful - shameful that she'd rather watch that than see her papa.