Sunday, November 09, 2008


Friday was my birthday. It was a day of extreme sadness as one of my dear friend's mothers passed away early in the morning, and I got the news around 12.

I spent the day with my family; mother, father, and grandmother. Cake at her apartment and Madagascar 2 with my folks. I ran a quick trip to Minneapolis, then to my friend's house to spend some time watching TV and just hanging out.

I begin my 33rd year, my "Jesus" year, with a profound sense of how lucky I am to have an amazingly supportive and close family.

Life is a fragile thing and I am aware we are all on the bubble, all the time.


juliethompson said...

A wee bit late but happy B-day !!!!so sorry about your freinds mom. Lots of hugs julie

becca jo said...

thanks julie, i appreciate it! i'll pass on the hugs!