Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Crib Notes OOTD

OOTD means outfit of the day. On days when I'm feeling particularly awesome about my fashion choices, I'll start posting my OOTD. you'll also see more fashion blogs popping up on my faves list. I've gotten way into a few that I'd like to share with my loyal readers. So here's the first of many!

Mossimo Little Black Dress dress, from Goodwill but originally Target. Found this girl today for $8.99 and was quite pleased, since I just gave up my two other LBD's as being too big (YAY WEIGHT WATCHERS). Earrings are 'Swell' via Target and the scarf is also Target, from two seasons ago.

Cardi is Relativity via Herberger's which is my mom's favorite word to say. Insanely clearanced, I think it was $9 or something. I love the bright purple/pink shade, very spring-y.

Boots which you can't see are my go-to black boots from J.Crew. They were also very clearanced back when I got them 2 years ago, I think they were originally $150 and I got them for around $40. They have been re-heeled once already and even though they are salt-stained right now, these are my go-to black boots.

Tights, unsure. No label. They are faux-fishnet.


Mari-Ann said...

Lookin' good, Bex!

I wonder if you'd like Anthropolgie (http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/category.jsp?navAction=jump&navCount=5&id=SHOPSALE)? It's my all-time favorite store. Fun, funky clothes and housewares that tend to be expensive, BUT the store has a HUGE selection of sale items for good prices! There's one in Edina on France Ave. :)


becca jo said...

i have loved anthro for YEARS!!! the chicago ones are regular haunts, and the edina one was right down the street from the bead monkey so i went ALL the time.

i have applied to be their in-store artist more times than i can count. every time they open a new store i get my hopes up.....