Friday, February 12, 2010

Alabama Chanin Inspired T-shirt

I read Natalie Chanin's first book a while back, and devoured her most recent one just a few days ago at the Book Store, aka my second office. Imagine my surprise to find a contest on to win a workshop with her! What to do...what to do!?

The print major in me wants to silkscreen. The stuffed animal maker in me wants to use wool. But the practical side of me knows to start with something small. So I did.

Behold: Old Navy t-shirt plus scraps of Mossimo t-shirt plus favorite stamp plus thread and two nights work =Altered T ala Alabama Chanin!

There are two of these patches, and each one took about 2 hours total from stamping to finishing. My knots are on the back side, hers are usually on the front.

Using this stamp (which I have used for many other projects) tells me I need to go with a pattern that has fewer undercuts and more 'negative' space.

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UteV said...

I love what you have done!