Monday, July 06, 2009

not gone.. know....being my normal busy self.

i am working my little fingers to the nubbins to get this bibelot order out the door. also trying to spend a little time every day sweating, be it in the garden or on a bike. i need to treat my body better than i have in the past few years, even though i'm down like 20 lbs from my absolute heaviest, i NEED to shed some fluff. if only it were as easy as repairing an overstuffed stuffed animal...find a seam, cut the threads, remove some stuffing, and re-sew. the problem is that the stuffed animals don't stuff their faces each chance they get. much like i have been doing lately. boo!

the garden is coming along VERY nicely, and the tadpoles in the small pond are growing very nicely. my parents have two garden tours coming up, so they have been working THEIR fingers to the nubbins getting ready for that. they have a small army of former students who come out to toil in the fields as well, but man can my parents work! they are up super early and go to bed super late. i guess retirement isn't so relaxing after all!

PS that lil' guy up there was a gift to my cousin's son. I realized that though he's my facebook photo, not everyone is on FB and hadn't seen him! If you are on Facebook, become a fan of Duckie Uglings for lots of news and updates, 'kay?


Leigh said...

Good luck on the weight loss! Let me know if you need anything. Also, I think you need a pic of your parent's garden!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hi Becca I have to comment on your comment about Cal cutting his finger on the gate with the wedding band and you said you are getting tattoos when you get married -- now Cal will have a very Gothic one!!!!!!Teee HEEE opssss... Uh OH ...Guess I have to get one to match !!! I don't wear a ring because of all the gooo I use in my artwork...