Thursday, July 23, 2009

The farm, late July

summer is in full swing here in minnesota.
here are some beauty shots of the farm.

the dala house was built by my parents' former students, they bought it from the shop class and had it installed in the yard and wired for electricity. i joke that i might move out there. it's got toys for the kiddos and an assortment of wild animals living underneath it.

garden basket i made up with my fave pink and green flowers/plants. i love those colors together!

the labyrinth v. 3.0! it certainly has come a long way!

the 'secret' garden. ringed by rosa rugosa which are in different stages of bloom. it smells heavenly in there.

my g'mas white bear from her old townhouse. guarding the roses.

my little pond! the lily is fake (for now) and there are hundreds of tadpoles and like 3-4 resident frogs in there. there are also some pretty wild diving bugs and other small creatures. i feed them lettuce from the garden, i can't wait for them to all start growing legs!

kale in the veggie garden. some bug is eating them. boo!

my basil was off to a rocky start but it looks GREAT now. mint and parsley are in the background.

watermelon is growing like crazy! yesterday it was barely reaching the rocks.'s heading for the fence!

bees fighting for a flower. i wish you could hear them, it's like hundreds of tiny kazoos.


Mari-Ann said...

This looks like my kind of place. Must be so peaceful to be surrounded by all that beauty. Absolutely glorious.

Leigh said...

All I can say is...WOW!!!!