Tuesday, July 07, 2009

the order is out tha door!

watched the michael jackson tribute today and finished up the bibelot order. i'm so happy with how everything turned out!

GARDEN PHOTOS! here's a few quick photos of the veggie garden. tomorrow, the 'secret garden' and the labyrinth!

right outside the door of the studio we have these gorgeous orange/pink daylillies. and there's about 6 million tadpoles swarming around in the little pond in the secret garden. i've been feeding them lettuce from the garden, and i swear they double in size each day.

i love to watch the progress of both of these living things-the bursting of the pods into flowers and the growing of these little living commas into hopping frogs....i'm still not allowed to bring the taddies into the studio but i keep asking. it'd save me a lot of time!


shana said...

Whoo Hoo! Way to get the order all done. Doesn't that feel good?

Also, I LOVE labyrinths. Do you have one? Lucky!

Have a great day!

Mari-Ann said...

Well that just looks like a little suitcase of cute. And a pond full of tadpoles? You're just surrounded by good things, aren't you?! :)

herzensart said...

these cats are sooo cute! :)

I´m in awe for everybody who can manage a big garden and keep it in such good shape.