Saturday, June 27, 2009

rainy days and news!!!

matthew, michael, julie and chip are visiting us, after we spent a weekend in Missouri celebrating the little guy's first birthday! betsy and david also came last weekend, so I've been living in the studio, literally and figuratively.
it's been either raining cats and dogs or broiling hot while they've been here, but we've had lots of fun on the gator, hanging out at big marine park, playing with turtles we find out in the wetlands, or with inside toys on the days it's too rainy to go outside.

one of the highlights of this trip included a visit to the como zoo, were we got to meet this little guy, who it turns out, is not so little. his eyelashes are almost as long as michaels or matthews.

in other news....i had a very exciting meeting with the buyers for one of my very favorite stores, and they placed an order!!!! Bibelot will now carry a selection of Duckie Uglings in their 4 Twin Cities stores!!!! you can still find the one-of-a-kind duckies at truly and i like you, and the Beeb will carry my small-edition creatures! OMG so exciting!!!


shana said...

I know how you feel, I was super excited {a few years back} when the Bibelot placed an order for my cards. So fun, congrats!!

The Russian Thiele said...

That is exciting Becca. I will check them out. Say hi to your sibs from me.

julie Haymaker thompson said...

OMG Oh he is way to cute!!! He does look so tiny and fragile Yet I guess when they are born they have a long drop so he must be less fragile then we think. What a little darling.