Monday, March 01, 2010

Where you at?

life has been like a hugh grant movie for me. minus the witty comebacks and age-inappropriate romances.

i have driven about 1800 miles in the past week to visit my new little niece dora and then return for a wedding in MPLS and a meeting for easter with the bibelot folks (more on that later).

on the way back to mpls, i heard the sad news that my former roommate's father passed away, so on my planned return to IL i attended a funeral in des moines. i'm now back in chicago to enjoy the little babe for a few more days and we're leaving tomorrow AM to get back to MN so i can house sit in MPLS. it's a whirlwind, i tell you!

i can't believe how much she changed in little over a week. she's growing like crazy and is SO strong...i don't want to leave!