Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday's OOTD

I thought I looked super cute on Saturday. I didn't feel like washing my hair, and it was *just* cold enough that one needed extra layers to preserve optimum body temperatures when out-of-doors. So out comes the trusty Beret. But off came the bling that usually decorates the brim.

Here's my outfit o' the day.

beret: super old GAP, like 15 years ago. I know I had it college because one year I was a squirrel and i made my boyfriend at the time be an acorn. He didn't like dressing up. That should have been a major clue that it would never work out.
scarf: I knit it about 2 years ago.
brown cardi: From marshall's. Some random plus size line
tank top w/ beading: old navy
jeans: Liz Claiborne via my MOM! Yes they are Mom jeans, literally. And they are also 6 sizes smaller than the jeans I was wearing last year at this time. Though women's sizes go by 2's. So really, it's 3 sizes. But the math is pretty exciting regardless.

The sun has FINALLY come out in MN and that means everyone and their dog heads outside to soak up the sunshine. I've walked outside the last two days instead of in the mall and it's been GLORIOUS. Just when you get sick of living in a miserable gray and rainy world the sun comes out and reminds you that spring is worth going through winter. We know there will be a few more blizzards before winter slinks away for 9 months...but we don't care!


Heidi said...

You look cute! Maybe I need a beret - I never feel like washing my hair. And congrats on the weight loss - that's a lot of hard work!

Mari-Ann said...

Way to go, Bex!! You look amazing! And the outfit IS super cute. :)

Jessica said...

Agreed-- you look awesome. :-) Way to rock the beret, too.

becca jo said...

thanks ladies :) you all know the blessing of spring in MN, even though you're scattered to the corners of the map... :)