Thursday, January 28, 2010

Winter Wanderland

Piggies! They are all at the Bibelot Stores, in time for Valentine's day! I doubt that I'll be making any more of these little guys, but you never know, do ya?

January is so. close. to being over.

But somedays I feel like the winter has just begun. It can get so blasted cold here. I usually wear long underwear or tights at all times. And multiple pairs of socks.

That new banner up there shows you a beautiful morning when the hoarfrost covered all the branches with a layer of frosted ice. The photo doesn't really capture the quality of light. It was a hazy, dreamy blue. The light out here in the country is really spectacular, all throughout the day and night. If it wasn't so cold, I would be spending more time outside in the moonlight this week. It is bright enough to read by, I swear.

In other exciting news, I hit the official 25 lb mark at Weight Watchers on Monday. I had to take off my glasses and socks to make it, but I did it!!!!

I am trying to only have items in my closet that fit, flatter, and are in top condition. Everything else has gotten donated or turned into rags or PJ's. Which means I have very few cold weather options right now!!!!

I know there aren't many pictures of me on this blog, since in the past I haven't liked having my photo taken, but as the winter ends, I will try to focus the camera on myself from time to time. This butterfly shall emerge from the cocoon of waffle-knit leggings and polarfleece zip-ups!!!!

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Heidi said...

I love the pigs! Congratulations on the weight loss - that is a big accomplishment and reflects a lot of hard work!