Sunday, January 17, 2010


UPDATE: This auction is not through ETSY. You leave a comment with your bid price below, and I will contact the winner with the final total. Please be sure your comment allows me to contact you! If you have a hidden profile, I can't send you your confirmation! You can always reach me at duckie (at) .

You can pay through PayPal or a check. I will match the funds up to $100 with my own donation.

Also, here's a great article on the waste stream for clothing items. I know it's ironic that I used clothing to create this animal (as I do with about 90% of my creatures) but they are heavy woolen items, and have already been used by one or more folks before I get my hands on them!!!

To benefit the victims of the Haitian earthquake, I'm offering this one-of-a-kind chicken Duckie Ugling named Henny LaRue for donation! I will donate half the proceeds to the Red Cross, and the other half to Doctors Without Borders. In addition, I will match the proceeds (up to $100) with my own donation to the two organizations. And shipping on this girl will be free (within the US).

Ms. LaRue is 12 inches high, and made from a variety of materials including yarn, recycled sweater felt, upholstery scraps, and several different wool skirts. Her stuffing is from recylced sources (mostly other sweater bits) and she comes from a non-smoking home. She is not meant as a toy but rather as a collectors item.

If you wish to bid on Henny, please leave a comment with your price. If no-one decides they must have her, I will still make a donation to the RC and MSF. The bidding will end on Thursday, Jan. 21st at noon Central time so I can contact the winner and get Henny LaRue in the mail.

Bid away!!!


Anonymous said...

Adorable, I'll bid $50.
Katy V. WBL

Kristel said...


becca jo said...

Awesome ladies! Kristel, if you win, i'll need you to e-mail me your address. my e-mail is duckie (at)

Anonymous said...

Love this idea, and you, and Duckie Uglings! My current bid is $100.
Deena Ebbert