Sunday, June 14, 2009

Red Hot, Cold and Wet...

(from this flickr pool)
it rained. it froze. it was still a blast.
i misplaced my camera for a few days so i apologize for the lack of original photos of red hot art, which was super fun and moderately successful, and of the wedding of two of my former students, which i did the flowers for, which was phenomenally fun and exciting.
after driving for about 10 hours and working for two weeks to get ready for the show, i was pretty exhausted and spent most of last week cleaning, doing laundry, sleeping, etc. i apologize for not blogging more frequently, i'm gonna work on it. ;)
we are in MO right now to celebrate michael's first birthday, photos to follow i promise!!!

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

One of your fun little crittesr on a pic nik. So cute !!!