Tuesday, April 07, 2009

keepin' it real

matthew turned 3 (!) so a party in missouri was in order.

my nose is dripping, i think it's just allergies, not the cold i usually get following a weekend with my lovely nephews.

the new i like you location is coming together, spent the day over there helping out where i could.

i've learned to crochet and i totally am hooked (sorry for the terrible pun, but it's true).

i went to the textile arts center after working at the store and was totally inspired by the show that's up right now.

check out this piece made from pheasant and peacock feathers!


Anonymous said...

Great work!!!!!

Heidi said...

That's totally cool!! How is it made,do you know?

becca jo said...

it's some kind of basket weaving technique. coiled or something. in person, it's amazing. so dark blue it's almost black. but with the amazing sheen of those beautiful feathers...i'm already thinking about collecting all next fall's pheasant feathers for my own...