Sunday, April 26, 2009

i like you too!

yay-the store is grandly opened!
what a fun nite, lots of supporters of local art stopped by. two of my parachuting mice had sold earlier in the day, i hope the folks who took them home give those little guys a good home ;)
here are links to a few photos of the store, snapped by some very talented ladies.
and here's one of my own snaps of the wall above the door. sarah put old book covers up and they look absolutely amazing. if you are ever in the NE minneapolis, you need to check it out. if you come on a saturday, chances are good i'll be working! it's just down the street from my first 'office' job, at magnetic poetry, and it's so weird to be back in that neighborhood after all of the change it's been through.

we visited my gram this AM, she was doing SO much better, then we went to her church, my parent's church, and then to red lobster. i think my favorite part was the family that came in just before us, the little 3 year old boy gawping at the tank full of live (but not for much longer) crustaceans and shouting 'wook at that wobster's cwaws! they're huge!!!' . runner up to that would be the women behind us, complaining to the manager that their meals were too salty...she tried to explain that they didn't season the seafood with salt because it was already salty, having come from the ocean and all, but that she would let the cooks know they got some extra salty crabs and they should let people know. even though they complained, they still both took home their leftovers.

collected the key from my next house sitting job in WBL, and came back here to read the internet, play some games, watch some videos (including dr. horrible, now i know what all the fuss was about), etc. nursed a window-struck bird back to health (in reality, just put it on a piece of newspaper so it wouldn't have to lay on the ground as it recovered), watched a mexican standoff between two blue herons, an egret, and a canada goose in the pond out back, and now, am contemplating going to bed with the sound of real rain instead of my noise machine's version of it.

will possibly be going back to work @ the G for a few days this week, but it could also work out that they don't need me. i've got some new projects and ideas brewing in the studio that i'm excited about, and there's the little matter of cleaning the highland park house before the house sitting folks return on tuesday. .....


jess(ica) said...

I was one of the lucky ones to walk out with a parchuting mouse. BUT I interpreted it as a rat. So, it's a parchuting ratty to me. It's lovely and it has a good home!

Thanks for you creativity!

becca jo said...

rat, mouse, it's all good!!!

since i don't try to make my creatures look 'real' i encourage folks to make up their own minds as to what they are. i just finished a cat that looks probably a little bit more like a rabbit, and some of my dogs could actually be just never know!