Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in Chicago (well, Indiana)

The Glitter Eggsplosion, Starring my sister Betsy.
Setting: The sandy yard outside my sister's husband's aunt and uncle's place (in the town where they met).
Activity: Puff painting pre-dyed Easter Eggs in the morning sunshine.

Exactly thirty seconds before this photo was taken, my sister exclaims, "These damn glitter ones never work right....." as she's squeezing the heck out of the glitter paint tube of Puffy Paint.
I hear a sound like a shotgun going off and look over to see this. The tube had gotten clogged and the nozzle just shot off the tube of paint, looking like a giant glitter crapping seagull had hit the table and the egg. Before I got paper towels to clean it up, I had to get a picture.....
Miraculously, she only got a smidgen of this stuff on her clothes. We got a lot of laughs out of it!

Betsy and David are off to Mexico with 12 of her students, to build houses in Mexico! That means Berkley, Raja, and I are chillaxing for a few days in Chicago. I can't believe how much this pooch has grown. He's such a cutie and a total cuddler.

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