Friday, May 16, 2008

out tha door

i made some new animals, posted them this AM on etsy, and one has sold already! wow! the lighter, smaller kitten up there, is going to live with a new family.

begonia the bunny here is one of my favorite animals ever. it's gonna be hard to give her up, but i hope she finds a happy home too!

i have a backyard-garage sale next weekend, and an outdoor fair the weekend after. i'm looking for a more creative solution than the regular 10x10 pop-up display tent. in my mind, a fabulous fringed umbrella just shows up at my door. for free. wouldn't that be nice?


a home far away said...

Oh they are so cute and cool, I undersand why they are already sold:-)

Have a great day
Hugs from Singapore

becca jo said...

thank you! i wish i could read swedish so i could understand the word that accompany your amazing photos!