Wednesday, May 14, 2008


webster's online sez;
Main Entry:
also dé·noue·ment \ˌdā-ˌnü-ˈmäⁿ, dā-ˈnü-ˌ\
French dénouement, literally, untying, from Middle French desnouement, from desnouer to untie, from Old French desnoer, from des- de- + noer to tie, from Latin nodare, from nodus knot
1 : the final outcome of the main dramatic complication in a literary work
2 : the outcome of a complex sequence of events

i am feeling a strong sense of the ending of a chapter of my life. school is letting out, and after last week's hellish 12-16 hour days getting ready for the department banquet, i'm ready to kiss it good bye.

i'm being told there may not be a need for me to return in the fall, nor any job for me to do over the summer. as you can imagine, i'm a little upset by this. i have to job hunt again. and i really hate job hunting.

there was a faint notion of me buying a house, but without a steady job and insurance, that's not going to happen.

on the craft front, i'm doing reasonably well at sales in real life and online. i do need to devote more time to updating my website and this blog though. i STILL don't have internet access at home, which, for a blogger, is ridiculous.

i have several house sitting gigs over the next few weeks, and sales as well. if i'm going to make a 'go' at being an artist, it's now or never. i guess.

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