Sunday, May 18, 2008

garage sales and kitten tails

strange, my banner seems to be malfunctioning!

anyway-this is the little kitten who has gone to a new home.i had an amazing day of garage saling yesterday. i got pretty much everything i needed. while the umbrella was not free, it is sassy, red, and has tassles on it! and the woman assured me it's machine washable. which is good, because some birds have used it as target practice from the looks of it. contemplating sewing an alternate cover for it, red is one of my favorite decorating colors, but it's not part of my company's color scheme at all.

it needs a base, and as is, stands just about 6.5 feet tall, which is JUST a bit too short if i'm wearing any kind of shoe at all. gonna have to engineer some kind of a stand. i'm thinking a PVC pole in the ground, with a pin that i can use to secure it about 1-1.5 feet off the ground. that should work, right?

i also bought a gianormous basil plant at the farmer's market with sara in the am, and some yardage at my friend angela's garage sale; lovely lime green linen on a bolt and some fun prints and mohair scraps. found a few sweaters, and at the thrift store, some wooden blocks and another stripey GAP sweater. those puppies are getting harder to find!

quick nap at my house in st. paul, then dinner with old friends at a place down in bloomington. one girl is 9 months preggers and was having contractions at dinner, which she assured us was completely normal, but she looked very, very uncomfortable! i hope this babe comes out soon, for her sake!

i am still house sitting at my parent's farm, which is idyllic in the morning. tons of birds and other wildlife. they have eaten all the food from the feeders, and i have some friends coming out this afternoon to see the birds in action, so i better get out there and fill them up.
and feed the real live cats that live here too.

after church with my gram, i hope to get started on another round of paper mache birds, using the wood blocks as bases. if only there were enough hours in the day............

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