Monday, December 31, 2007

on the mend

well it turns out my headache was the precursor to a NASTY cold, one that laid me flat for over 24 hours. today i'm feeling much better, but it hasn't been without a lot of nastiness, including 2/3rds a jar of vicks vapo-rub, a whole roll of TP used as kleenex, and about 5 cans of chicken noodle soup (organic, of course).

i did use the time to make a bunch of new animals though-i'm at the coffee shop right now uploading the photos to my etsy store. click on the photos at right if you want to see more.

i think the key to getting over the hump were the delicious breakfast nachos i had yesterday AM at Bonfire Grill in st. paul. i met my sister and her boyfriend, and my parents, for breakfast and discovered the most genius invention EVER: chilaquiles, breakfast nachos.

i don't have many resolutions this year-except to make MORE of an effort to exercise, keep my apartment cleaner, and eat less crap. more fruits and veg, less pasta and nachos. but the discovery of chilaquiles may hamper those efforts.

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