Wednesday, January 02, 2008

startin' off right

starting off 2008 pretty superbly, if i do say so myself. aside from my laptop being confiscated by the geek sqaud for 2-3 weeks, that is. my cold is almost gone, and it feels so good to be not SICK anymore. i cleaned/arranged/moved stuff/washed everything around my apartment yesterday. i think i might have people over this weekend as a motivator to get it TOTALLY clean and spiffy. we'll see.

a trip to goodwill yesterday yielded a wealth of treasures, all at 50% off! i had to pass up the gravity boots, (which, i've never seen in person. WOW) because i can't hang anything from my ceiling, me included.

photos coming tomorrow. i didn't think quick enough to take snaps before i left the house.

i'm starting work on the mosaic tomorrow too.

tonight, i plan on making a pillow to match the one i made last night. i used several sweaters in its construction, i may be offering them for sale in the future, but A LOT of work goes into one of those babies!

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