Monday, August 06, 2007

Work from the weekend

Alrighty well I'm going to try to get a personal blog going again. Wish me luck.
I won a considerable amount of cash again at poker, so I went and bought some canvasses at Michaels as well as a book on artful blogging, and the DVD for 300. I basically then just holed myself up in my house (barring the trip to the Uptown Art Fair with my folks) and worked.
Here are two wee rabbits, with painted-lace wings and embroidered faces. They are about 3 inches tall, made from recycled sweaters.

They'll be going to I Like You on Wednesday, along with a few other small stuffies.

Here's the detail from a collage/painting that I did. The bird's wings and bodies were made with bleach-painted construction paper, I used a scrap that was lace-printed for their beaks and legs, and the 'nest' is part of a vintage photo-holder that I got from my gram.

I'm not 100% happy with it yet, but it's getting there. I'm thinking I'll add real branches to the bottom where they're painted, right now, which you can't see in this photo.

Lastly, here's a collage/painting, once again, in a vintage frame. Still needs a title, I'm thinking,
"Muffy the Explorer. Got off the couch, did great things"

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