Saturday, August 11, 2007

thunder, lightening

woke up last night to LOUD thunder and bright lightening. turns out a huge storm came through the cities, dumped a lot of rain (which we needed) but it turned the neighborhood just north and west of me into a mulch-pit. HUGE trees and branches are lying in the street, all the business are closed and the stoplights aren't working, and those poor folks will not have fans or A/C on a day that's supposed to reach 90. yikes.

i'm busy cleaning my apartment and car to get ready for my california cousins to visit, but i needed a quick break for coffee. my 'usual' place had no power, so i had to come back down to the one that's within walking distance, but always too busy. luckily, the computers were free!

last time i was here, there was a guy reading about metaphysics on wikipedia, and muttering to himself. it was quite entertaining.

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